Freshwater Information Platform

Lakes, rivers and wetlands provide a multitude of services to humanity. They cover a small proportion of the earth’s surface, but support major parts of global biodiversity.

The Freshwater Information Platform provides up-to-date information on freshwater science as well as an array of research resources and tools for the assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems. The platform's focus is on Europe. Its perspective, however, is global. Being a result of various research projects, most funded by the European Union, the platform includes:

  • An overview of freshwater data: from information about datasets (metadata) to occurrence and species data from Europe and beyond.
  • Visualisations, geographic data and thematic maps related to biodiversity, freshwater resources and pressures.
  • A detailed overview of European freshwater species and their ecological preferences.
  • Information on current topics in freshwater science and ecosystem management, including tools and research resources as well as policy frameworks.
  • A network of freshwater involved projects, gateways and institutions.

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