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How to contribute

How to contribute

In order to build up a comprehensive information platform related to freshwater research, we highly welcome contributions from other scientists, institutes or projects. We invite scientists, students and other interested persons from all over the world to join in with our idea, adding data, maps or other information to the platform.

You can contribute to the Freshwater Information Platform in the following ways:

    • Supporting partners and projects contribute to the FIP with financial support, e.g. by funding further web developments or specific parts of the platform. Supporting partners can use the FIP as sustainable dissemination outlet of their research. They become full members of the Advisory Board and are involved in future decisions about the FIP.
    • Contributing partners and projects add to the platform by submitting research results to the FIP, e.g. maps for the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas, occurrence data for the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal or metadata to the Freshwater Metadatabase. We also welcome fact sheets, policy briefs, how-to guides, videos or any other educational material. Contributing partners are mentioned in the respective contributors’ section of the website.
    • FIP friends can request to be listed in the section “Freshwater networks & projects” and links to their general websites or results/deliverables will be established.

If you want to become a supporter/contributor or associate of the FIP contact us at